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A Terraced House Called Aadam

Aadam is a design for two- and four-room terraced houses that was developed for a local house producer as a simple, rational and darn good-looking home.

Aadam 4 garden

Aadam is the optimal house – a compact yet spacious home with a serene Nordic character. The clear-cut modern design fits into the contemporary urban or suburban setting and stands out for its distinct look that combines rationality, concision and that little lovable quirk that makes it not only practical but also charming. The layout allows most space for the social functions (living room and kitchen, terraces) and clutter-free living (ample storage space) and also provides everyone with a cosy private space.

Aadam 4 street

Aadam 4 is the perfect family house that will make a comfortable home. The living room, dining area and kitchen are one big social space where everyone is included in the day-to-day activities. There is enough space to fit in a roomy sofa (that might even accommodate guests who stay overnight) and a long kitchen table that fits family and friends. The living room opens to the terrace and the back yard for the long warm summer nights. The bedroom downstairs is compact and intimate, with a view to the back garden. The two bedrooms upstairs are the kind of cosy abodes with a slanted ceiling that create snug spaces. It is possible to add a bit of luxury to the home by opting for the spacious roof terrace. The upstairs bathroom is compact and practical, the one downstairs is bigger and can also fit a tub in addition to the generous sink area and the washing machine and the drier. The staircase is not only a functional connection – its roof window in the slanted ceiling adds architectural quality and formal emphasis to the interior. The entrance and hall area is spacious enough for accommodating the innumerable clothes and shoes, bicycles and sports equipment, a pram or a stroller and everything else that comes with an active family. There is enough room for everyone to get dressed and prepared to go out, or to arrive home with luggage or groceries. There is even space where to conveniently clean the muddy bike or boots or the family dog after a rainy day venture. Aadam is a house that makes sense!

Aadam 4 interior

Aadam 2 is the perfect compact home for all ages. Its simple layout allows easy access to and flexible use of all rooms. The central space of the house is the unique living room with its slanted ceiling and a skylight that make the room light, airy and impressive. It can fit a living room set-up with a long dining table or a smaller sofa, kitchen table and a home office desk. The bathroom can be either accessed from the hall and the bedroom or it can be separated by an additional wall with a single door that allows for more independent use of the bedroom and the living room. The entrance area accommodates bicycles or other sports equipment and is spacious enough to conveniently get prepared to go out or come in, clean the muddy bike, brush the boots or wash up the dog’s paws.

Aadam 4 plan

Aadam 4 / Aadam 2
4 rooms, 2 storeys / 2 rooms, 1 storey
Total area: 118 m² / 64 m²
Ground floor: 79 m² / 64 m²
First floor: 39 m² / –
Terraces: 13 m² + 37 m² (optional) / 13 m²


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