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Tatari 64, 10134 Tallinn

Embassy of Estonia Singapore

Interior design project for Estonian Embassy located in the recently constructed high rise building on the 21st floor of 18 Robinson Street, Singapore.

The lead designer, Mari Hunt, comments on the proposed idea: “Our aim was to bring as much Estonian atmosphere and design to Singapore as possible. Upon entering the business hub, guests are welcomed by decorative panels made from Estonian aspen tree bark, a residual product of the forest industry. These panels have been sourced from the forests managed by RMK and were removed from trees that were already designated for cutting. The meeting room creates a unique effect of a pine forest, with walls and ceilings covered in pine branches that function as acoustic panels. We have incorporated several excellent examples of Estonian design, such as handcrafted PULO lamps, modular Hubamu sofas, and Toivo Raidmets’ chairs. Particularly striking are Siim Karro’s benches, made from the vegetative part of a fungus – mycelium, which is used to grow compostable materials. The entire ceiling of the business hub is covered in woolen fabric, embedded with integrated LED lights, offering the possibility to create different atmospheres, including the effect of a snowy sky, northern lights, and sunny daylight. By adjusting the tone and intensity of the lighting, it becomes possible to create an excellent event space suitable for various occasions, whether it’s a visit from prime ministers or a gathering of the startup community.”

18 Robinson, Singapore / Photo Tim Griffith

Client: Foreign Ministry of Estonia
Competition: 2021
Completed: 2023
Design team: Mari Hunt, Nele Shverns, Jekaterina Zakilova, Kristian Taaksalu
Competition entry ideas together with: Mari Möldre, Ruuben-Jaan Rekkor, Mari-Liis Lind, Mats Kuuskemaa, Marit Ilison
Lighting designers: ITK Lighting/ Marko Kuusik, Mariliis Kundla

25. septembrist 2013 24. septembrini 2014 aitas OÜ-l b210 põhivara ja rakendustarkvara soetada Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse alustava ettevõtja starditoetuse programm.