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Maidla Nature Villa Kaseke

Estonians are lucky to live in one of the world’s least populated countries. This tiny tech-savvy nation has some of the cleanest air in the world, and lush green forests cloak around half of the land. This gives us the privilege to seek out pure nature and tranquility almost everywhere we go. Maidla Nature Resort is situated just 45 minutes away from Tallinn in the middle of Estonian wetlands. Here the untouched surroundings tell a story of the Estonian spirit – even if nature has its own plans with this wetland, where most of the trees have died naturally, we love them the way they are and do our best to keep them alive as long as possible. The Estonian way of life has always gone hand in hand with nature. Maidla Nature Resort offers different active and leisurely experiences to get to know the surroundings and learn about the traditional Estonian way of life.

In the resort one can find different layers of local history through architecture. From 15th-century manor buildings to the newest addition, 21st-century mini glasshouse – Nature Villa. The resort does not prefer one to another, but rather take a moment to embrace the time travel.

Tiny getaway house called Nature Villa offers its vistors to take time off and experience comfort and peace at the same time.

It is situated on the premises of an old manor, allowing the visitor to experience different historical buildings and the picturesque natural landscape. Upon arrival to the wetland area, one can find a tiny treehouse inside the tree line.

The house is built around the existing birch trees, without causing them any harm. Elevated 1m above the ground, and driven deep into the soft soil on 7m long screws. There’s a terrace where you can catch the morning sun, a layered rooftop to enjoy the sunset and watch the stars. The surrounding area is home for many bird species, so the house also acts as a birdwatching tower. During spring, the whole area gets flooded by the nearby river, so the only way to get to the Nature Villa is across the elevated boardwalk.

The whole house is covered in wood — its facade, roof and terraces are glad in one monolith material to give the house one outstanding body. Thermo ash was chosen because of its beautiful deep colour and durability to changing weather conditions.

The interior of the house perfectly fits all the amenities needed for a small but luxurious hotel room. There’s an entrance with space for both luggage and clothes, a kitchen counter for morning tea or coffee, plus a minibar. The living room hosts a king size bed, a comfy lounge with soft pillows and a fireplace. The visitors can enjoy a cozy fire with panoramic views of the surrounding bog landscape. The bathroom with floor to ceiling mirrors is equipped with a large shower and an incinerating toilet.

To keep the interior as simple as possible, only few materials are used — thermo ash for the floor and ceiling, microcemento for the entrance and bathroom, and black Infinity laminate for the bedhead. All the furniture is custom made and all the measurements are carefully calculated.

The tiny bedroom can have different layouts —  one big bedroom or the room can also be separated with the curtain into two rooms, a bedroom and a small extra room next to fireplace with sofas. Small sofas also can used as an extra bed for a child.

The house is filled with contemporary Estonian design — every detail is carefully chosen to fit with the interior: modern ceramics, textiles and a kimono serving as a bathrobe. Everything was measured to create a small yet comfortable space for a perfect private getaway.

Architecture: b210 architects
Interior and furniture design: b210 architects
Engineer: Production House
Constructor: Otto Ehitab
Furniture: Margo Mööbel
Design Items: Raili Keiv, Kelpman Textile, Pillezoo, Monika Järg, Alpaka, Arro Ceramics, Ellen Richard, WOH, Teenu, Tammik Design, Betoontuli, HOOG, TOKU, JOIK, TUUL
Photos: Priidu Saart, Tõnu Tunnel, Vahur Singa
Owner: Maidla Nature Resort
Location: Maidla mõis, Maidla küla, Rapla vald, Rapla maakond


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