b210 is an architecture office with a think tank approach to everyday spatial challenges. We believe that positive change in the built environment is driven by a smart design process where architectural ideas are as important as methods of developing them. We like to design ways of thinking as much as physical spaces.

Tatari 64, 10134 Tallinn

Urban quarter in Port of Tallinn

Competition entry for a plot owned by Tallinn Port. The idea for the site is based on preservation of the existing building structure — old warehouses on the north-south direction and a curved corridor, the former railway line to the port — and on new diagonal movement through the northwest-southeast direction. Historic atmosphere of existing harbour buildings in accordance with the newly constructed buildings and a new comfortable public space creates a dense urban block that connects the port area with the rest of the city.


Design team: Aet Ader, Mari Hunt, Kadri Klementi,Toomas Adrikorn (Ateljee 0)
Area: 2 ha
Year: 2014, idea competition, honourable mention














25. septembrist 2013 24. septembrini 2014 aitas OÜ-l b210 põhivara ja rakendustarkvara soetada Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse alustava ettevõtja starditoetuse programm.