b210 is an architecture office with a think tank approach to everyday spatial challenges. We believe that positive change in the built environment is driven by a smart design process where architectural ideas are as important as methods of developing them. We like to design ways of thinking as much as physical spaces.

Tatari 64, 10134 Tallinn

Caviar and fish shop and offices

The building hosts a shop on the gound floor which sells fresh salmon caviar and other fish products. Other spaces on the ground floor support the shop. Second floor is for the shop’s and caviar company’s offices. The building shape was determined by the detailplan. The challenge for us, the architects, was to find a way how to mix different public and private functions in rather small building. As the fish shop is a public function, the whole building needs to express the identity of this function and be attractive and comfortable for the visitors. Our proposal is to give a distincive appreance for the whole building and a hint about the theme through the materials and colours.



Location: Kivipere 1, Tallinn, Estonia
Design team: Aet Ader, Karin Tõugu, Mari Hunt, Kadri Klementi, Kalle Komissarov
Area: 670 m2
Year: 2016-…

25. septembrist 2013 24. septembrini 2014 aitas OÜ-l b210 põhivara ja rakendustarkvara soetada Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse alustava ettevõtja starditoetuse programm.